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How to Choose a Good Attorney Payment Plan

When selecting an attorney to provide you with legal representation in your case, the payment plan will always come up at one point or the other. After all, it will eventually come down to your budget allocation. Different attorneys agree to varying payment plans. Most of the times, it depends on the nature of your case. The three most popular payment plans are fixed rate, hourly rate, and the contingency fee.


To be able to help you choose a good attorney payment plan, we shall look at the three plans together with their pros and cons. The first one would be the fixed rate. In this payment plan, you will be required to pay the attorney a fixed amount of money depending on various aspects of the case. After analyzing your case, the attorney will quote his figure which you will have to bargain with him until you reach an agreement. The next step would be giving him a deposit and finish the rest when the case is over. Visit our site here for more details.


This plan is usually good in instances when dealing with a big case that promises profitable returns. Most of the attorneys who use this plan are always highly qualified and experienced. For them, it is more about getting value for their service.


Make sure to click here and learn more. The hourly rate, on the other hand, is where an attorney is paid for every hour he spends handling the case. You have to sit down with the attorney and agree on a favorable rate depending on the complexity of the case. It is an appropriate plan for cases that are simple and would conclude within a very short time. On the contrary, it would not be as convenient in cases that tend to drag on for ages.


Finally, the contingency fee is very popular, especially in personal injury cases. This plan applies in such a way that the fee paid to the attorney is a percentage of the compensation claim. The percentage varies from one attorney to the other with the average being 33%. There is no upfront fee paid and the attorney would only receive his pay if he wins the case. Nevertheless, it is important to note that you may end up paying for certain expenses such as printing charges. You should also find out from the attorney if his fee is calculated before or after deduction of expenses. To learn more on how to choose a good attorney payment plan, you can visit


A good attorney is one who understands your situation and agrees to a flexible and affordable payment plan.